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Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now? Scott Fisher

For the newest ‘Where are they now’ we tracked down former Giants and Wildcats bigman, Scott Fisher. Fisher came...


This is in every @NBA stadium. Probably timely for the @NBL to take the same step Retweeted by

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In Old man river's defense.. it IS fair hot. Prob just trying to cool him down. Dreads retain a lot of heat #hardball

I don't always chose to be operated on by drunk surgeons but when I do, I chose Figtree Private Hospital #hardball Retweeted by

@Mr_Emmasbrain maybe it's a result of having a coach named Beveridge? @Andthefoulnet @illawarrahawks Retweeted by

Someone needs to tell that @NBL fan that beer is not an appropriate conditioner for dreadlocks. #BeerGate #HardBall Retweeted by

Gotta respect the way Thorton handled it...never had a beer poured on me but I can be sure that my reaction would be much different... #NBL Retweeted by

Townsville crocs

2013-14 NBL Quiz

So you think you know everything that happened during the 2013-14 NBL season? Think you remember all the stats...


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