[phpwiki]1996 NBL Season

During the ealy - mid 90s the NBL was at its peak with crowd numbers 10s of thousands of punters turning up to every game. Even the Smaller market teams like the Wollongong Hawks were selling out every game. But as the 1994-95 season started the bottom 4 teams of the league started to slump. In 1996 the NBL decided to cut 3 of those teams to start a new stonger era.

The teams that were cut were Hobart Devils, Gold Coast Rollers & the Geelong Supercats. Gold Coast is the only city to re enter the NBL since, as the Gold Coast Blaze. The Blaze folded in July 2012.

Articles from November 1996 One On One

 Coach Tomlinson at Devils last home game

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