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Team Info

 Founded          2007
 Last Season      2012
 Stadium          The Furnace Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
 Capacity         5,269
 Owner	          Owen Tomlinson
 Ceo	          Paul Pamenter
 Championships    0

The Blaze are not related to the previous Gold Coast representative in the NBL, the Gold Coast Rollers.


 2011-12 Gold Coast Roster
 2010-11 Gold Coast Roster

Retired Jerseys


Team Game Records

 Most points in a game     42 James Harvey, 31/01/09
 3 Pointers made in a game 10 Jason Crowe, 05/12/07
 Most Assists in a game    12 Adam Gibson, 30/01/10
 Most Blocks in a game     5  Anthony Petrie, 23/10/09
 Most Steals in a game     8  Justin Bowen, 31/12/08
 Most Rebounds in a game   24 Luke Whitehead, 07/02/09

Team Records

 Largest Win               33, 30/11/07 V Wollongong Hawks
 Largest Loss              33, 10/01/08 V NZ Breakers
 Longest Winning Streak     5, 13/11/09 - 09/12/09
 Longest Losing Streak     14, 08/02/08 - 01/11/08
 Most Team Points         139, 31/01/09 V Sydney Spirit
 Most 1st Half Points      69, 05/12/07 V South Dragons
 Most 2nd Half Points      72, 07/12/08 V Perth Wildcats
 Most Points in a Quarter  45, 07/12/08 V Perth Wildcats
 Lowest Team Points        62, 28/01/11 V Townsville Crocs
 Most Free Throw Attempts  41, 16/01/09 V Melbourne Tigers
 Most Free Throws Made     38, 07/12/08 V Perth Wildcats
 Most 3 Pointers Made      26, 05/12/07 V South Dragons
 Most Assists              27, 30/11/07 V Wollongong Hawks
 Most Blocks                7, 28/11/09 V Perth Wildcats
 Most Steals               12, 31/12/08 V Adelaide 36ers

Team All Time Leaders

 Games Played              115  James Harvey
 Points                    2009 James Harvey
 Three Pointers Made       317  James Harvey
 Three Pointers Attempted  749  James Harvey
 Assists                   408  Adam Gibson
 Blocks                    44   Mark Worthington
 Steals                    67   James Harvey
 Rebounds                  382  James Harvey

Club History

The first official reports of a new Gold Coast franchise surfaced in September 2006. Former Gold Coast Rollers head coach Dave Claxton spearheaded a bid for a new NBL license for the Gold Coast. On 21 November 2006 the NBL Board officially accepted the bid and announced the addition of a new Gold Coast franchise and reported that the club would compete out of the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

At the beginning of 2007 the newly founded Gold Coast franchise held a competition to name the club. The franchise offered four options to choose from including the 'Heat', 'Marlins', 'Flyers' and 'Waves', as well as the ability to suggest another alternative. On 23 February the franchise announced that it would compete under the 'Blaze' moniker. Despite the 'Heat' name being voted the most popular in the naming competition, club officials decided it would be best to steer clear of the name following objections from the NBA, due to the name being held by American franchise the Miami Heat. Prior to the official naming of the franchise, the Blaze made their first major signing on 18 January in signing former Wollongong Hawks head coach Brendan Joyce as their inaugural head coach. Following this signing, two days later the club signed former West Sydney Razorbacks head coach Mark Watkins as the assistant coach.

On 5 April the Blaze announced the signing of their first player: former West Sydney Razorbacks captain Scott McGregor. The first international signing was announced on 2 May with former Houston Rockets NBA player Juaquin Hawkins, who had met Gold Coast coach Brendan Joyce in California several years before. In the 2008-09 season, Shane Heal, the former South Dragons captain/coach joined the team along with Pero Cameron & Casey Frank. However, despite an experienced lineup, they lost all of their first 5 matches & at the end of the 2009 season the Blaze fired Brendan Joyce, refusing to payout the rest of his contract and said because the NBL had been taken over by Basketball Australia, all previous contracts were now voided. Joyce signed a 4 year deal and was terminated after just 2 years. He would take the team to court for the money he was owed [4], this would later come back to bite the Blaze.

At the start of the 2009-10 NBL season the Blaze hired former NBL player Joey Wright as head coach.

2010-11 Season saw the Blaze miss out on the final 4 after a late season slump. The leading scorer for the Blaze in 2010-11 was Ira Clark with 17ppg. Anthony Petrie lead the team in rebounds per game with 8.3rpg. Adam Gibson lead the team in assists with 5.4apg

2011-12 During the off season the Blaze brought in Will Hudson (import) and Mike English (import) and the Blaze were picked early as title contenders. But English played just one game, scoring 0 points in 17 minutes and was fired shortly after. The Blaze then signed Adris Deleon. They struggled out of the gate, going just 1 - 3 and never actually made the final 4 until around half way through the season.

Adam Gibson and Adris Deleon made up perhaps the most exciting back court in the league, and despite a season ending injury to James Harvey the Blaze picked up steam late in the season, making a final push and finishing 3rd. Mark Worthington made the All NBL First Team and Adris Deleon made the All NBL Third Team. But the Blaze could not be the Perth Wildcats in the semi finals, losing 2 - 1.

During the 2012-13 off season the Blaze said they would not re-sign James Harvey. Stephen Hoare also retired. Will Hudson signed with the NZ Breakers, Jason Cadee signed with the Adelaide 36ers along with Adam Gibson. Mark Worthington signed overseas.

Leaving the NBL

In June 2012 the Blaze went into Voluntary Administration after the supreme court ruled that the Blaze had to pay former head coach Brendan Joyce $350,000 in wages, after the Blaze cut Joyce just one year into his three year contract with the team [1]. Blaze owners had said they could not afford to pay Joyce and so put the team into VA.

The NBL were confident that the Blaze would survive but as the weeks went on it looked less and less likely the team would ever play in the NBL again. Former employees had said they had not been paid for weeks & former players said their super had not been paid for all year. The Tomlinson's were confident they could find a new investor for the team, but after many failed attempts, no investors could be secured.

In July 2012 Gold Coast council had offered the Blaze free rent at the old Gold Coast Rollers stadium & free rent for their front office, it was revealed all that was needed to stay in the NBL was $500,000. The Tomlinson's had said they found a "white knight" fan to invest the money, but after the NBL asked for details of this fan, the Tomlinson's refused to give any information about the new investor to the league. The NBL also said a $1 million guarantee would also be needed and extended the deadline to the end of July 2012 [2]. But the next day the Tomlinson's withdrew their bid to stay in the league [3] amongst much controversy.

It was revealed that the team racked up a $12 Million debt during it's time in the NBL.



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