[phpwiki]Hobart Devils

Team Info

 Founded         1979
 Folded          1996
 Stadium         Ground Derwent Entertainment Centre, Hobart
 Old Stadiums    Kingborough Sports Centre
 Capacity        4,000
 Championships   None

Retired Jerseys


Notable Players

 Cal Bruton
 Darren Smith
 David Stiff
 Eric Bailey
 Steve Carfino
 Joe Hurst
 Donald Whiteside
 Andre Moore
 Wayne McDaniel
 Andrew Svaldenis

Club History

Based in Hobart, the team was the only representative from the state of Tasmania for the majority of its tenure, but was one of three teams (the Geelong Supercats and the Gold Coast Rollers being the other two) that had their NBL licenses revoked by the league directors in 1996 due to financial difficulties.

While not the first time teams had folded in the league, the sudden departure of the Devils, Supercats and Rollers signified that the NBL's successful era between late 1980s and early 1990s) was truly over.

The state of Tasmania has not fielded a side in the NBL since the departure of the Devils and the re-emergence of any Tasmanian sides in the near future seems unlikely. The club played out of the Kingborough Sports Centre from 1983-1988. From the 1989 NBL season they then moved into the larger and more modern Derwent Entertainment Centre where they stayed until folding in 1996. During Devils home games the DEC was often referred to as the "Devils Den" by local TV commentators. The club was known as Hobart Tassie Devils from 1987 to 1995, but reverted to Hobart Devils in its final season.

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