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Team Info

 Founded          2014
 Other Names      Melbourne Tigers
 Stadium          The Cage
 Capacity         3,500
 Coach            Chris Anstey
 Championships    None


 2014-15 Melbourne Roster

All Stars


Retired Numbers


Team Game Records

 Most points in a game
 3 Pointers made in a game
 Most Assists in a game
 Most Blocks in a game
 Most Steals in a game
 Most Rebounds in a game

Club History

A New Era

In May 2014 the NBL announced that the Melbourne Tigers had decided to change their name to Melbourne United to start a new era of Melbourne basketball. It was later released that the ownership that bought the Tigers in 2012 had planned to change the team and the name for 18 months before deciding to go ahead with the move. Melbourne United own all rights to the Melbourne Tigers history.

Chris Goulding announced his plans to play overseas and thus ending his tenure with Melbourne. United then went on to sign former Tigers player and Boomers forward David Barlow as well as Daryl Corletto. The same week United released Adam Ballinger from his contract, allowing him to sign with the Wollongong Hawks.

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