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Past NBL MVP winners. Recently it was changed to the Andrew Gaze Trophy, in tribute to the greatest NBL player, Andrew Gaze.

 Year Name             Team
 1979 Ken Richardson   West Adelaide Bearcats
 1980 Rocky Smith      St Kilda Saints
 1981 Mike Jones       Wollongong Hawks
 1982 Al Green         West Adelaide Bearcats
 1983 Owen Wells       Sydney Supersonics
 1984 Leroy Loggins    Brisbane Bullets
 1985 Ray Borner       North Melbourne Giants
 1986 Leroy Loggins    Brisbane Bullets
 1987 Mark Davis       Adelaide 36ers & Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
 1988 Joe Hurst        Hobart Devils
 1989 Scott Fisher     North Melbourne Giants
 1990 Derek Rucker     Brisbane Bullets
 1991 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1992 Scott Fisher     North Melbourne Giants & Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
 1993 Robert Rose      South East Melbourne Magic
 1994 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1995 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1996 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1997 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1998 Andrew Gaze      Melbourne Tigers
 1999 Steve Woodberry  Brisbane Bullets
 2000 Paul Rogers      Perth Wildcats
 2001 Robert Rose      Townsville Crocodiles
 2002 Mark Bradtke     Melbourne Tigers
 2003 Chris Williams   Sydney Kings
 2004 Matthew Nielsen  Sydney Kings
 2005 Brian Wethers    Hunter Pirates
 2006 Chris Anstey     Melbourne Tigers
 2007 Sam Mackinnon    Brisbane Bullets
 2008 Chris Anstey     Melbourne Tigers
 2009 Kirk Penney      NZ Breakers
 2010 Corey Williams   Townsville Crocodiles
 2011 Gary Ervin       Wollongong Hawks
 2012 Kevin Lisch      Perth Wildcats
 2013 Cedric Jackson   NZ Breakers
 2014 Rotnei Clarke    Wollongong Hawks

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