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Listed below is a list of players that have played in the NBA & the NBL. Players listed here are the players who have only played regular &/or playoff games. No pre-season games or summer league games. Also not listed are players drafted in the NBA that played in the NBL.

NBA Jam Session 1994

Interesting facts

 Player	              NBA Games NBA Teams
 Acie Earl            193       Bos, Tor, Mil
 Adonis Jordan        10        Den, Mil
 Adrian Branch        130       LAL, New, Por, Min
 Andre Brown	      75        Sea, Mem, Cha
 Andre Moore          10        Mil, Den
 Andrew Gaze	      26        Was, SAS
 Awvee Storey         60        New, Was, Mil
 Cedric Jackson*      12        SAS, Was, Cle
 Charles Thomas       37        Det
 Chris Anstey	      155       Dal, Chi
 Chris Jent 	      6	        Hou, NY
 Chris Munk           11        Uta
 Clint McDaniel       12        Sac
 Curtis Perry         480       Pho, Mil, Hou
 Dane Suttle          46        Kan
 Darnell Mee	      40        Den
 David Andersen       103       Hou, NOH
 Darryl Johnson       11        Cle
 Derrick Alston       139       Phi, Atl
 Dedric Willoughby    25        Chi
 Donald Whiteside     30        Tor, Atl
 Donta Smith	      61        Atl
 Doug Overton	      499       Was, Den, Phi, Orl, New, Bos, Cha, Lac
 Drew Barry	      60        Atl, Sea, GSW
 Dwayne McClain       45        Ind
 Eddie Gill	      187       New, Mem, Por, Ind, Sea, Mil
 Evers Burns          23        Sac
 Everette Stephens    38        Ind, Mil
 Fred Cofield         50        Chi, NYK
 Gerald Brown	      33        Pho
 Greg Stokes          42        Phi, Sac
 Ira Bowman 	      17        Phi, Atl
 James Cotton         19        Sea
 Juaquin Hawkins      58        Hou
 Jerome Beasley       2         Mia
 JoJo English	      50        Chi
 Jonny Flynn          163       Por, Min, Hou
 Julius Hodge	      23        Den, Mil
 Kirk Penney          6         Mia, LAC
 Korleone Young       3         Det
 Kenny Payne          144       Phi
 Kevin Brooks         126       Den
 Lanard Copeland      33        Phi, LAC
 Luc Longley	      567       Chi, Min, Pho, NY
 Luke Schenscher      31        Chi, Por
 Mark Bradtke	      36        Phi
 Marlon Redmond       77        Phi, NYK
 Martin Muursepp      83        Dal, Mia
 Mike Morrison        22        Pho
 Mickell Gladness*    26        Mia, GSW
 Michael Champion     2         Sea
 Nathan Jawai	      45        Tor, Min
 Nate Driggers        15        Bos
 Ollie Johnson        690       Phi, Por, Atl, Chi, NOJ, KCK
 Orien Greene	      131       Ind, Sac, Bos, New
 Owen Wells           33        Hou
 Patty Mills	      74        Por, SAS
 Randolph Childress   51        Por, Det
 Ray Owes	      57        GSW
 Rick Brunson	      337       Por, NY, Bos, Chi, LAC, Sea, Hou
 Ricky Grace	      3	        Atl
 Robert Rose	      2	        LAC
 Rodney Monroe        38        Atl
 Ronnie Cavenall      58        NJN, NYK
 Ruben Nembhard       10        Por, Uta
 Sam Young            249       Ind, Phi, Mem
 Sean Lampley         45        GSW, Mia
 Shane Heal	      49        SAS, Min
 Stephen Jackson      747       New, SAS, Atl
 Reggie Smith         66        Por
 Rodney Monroe        38        Atl
 Terry Dozier	      9	        Cha
 Todd Fuller	      225       GSW, Uta, Cha, Mia
 Todd Mundt           33        Bos, Atl
 Todd Lichti	      237       Den, Orl, GSW, Bos
 Trey Gilder          2         Mem
 Wayne Englestad      11        Den
 Wayne Kreklow        25        Bos
 Wayne Turner         3         Bos
 Will Blalock	      14        Det
 Winston Crite        31        Pho
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