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Team Info

 Established     1991
 Final Season    1998
 Home Venue      Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
 Championships   1992, 1996

Noteable Players

 Jason Smith
 Darren Lucas
 Mike Kelly
 Chris Anstey
 Sam Mackinnon
 Bruce Bolden
 Robert Rose
 Matt Shanahan
 Brett Wheeler
 Tony Ronaldson
 Adonis Jordan
 Frank Drmic

Club History

The South East Melbourne Magic were an Australian basketball team, that played in Melbourne, Victoria, in the National Basketball League. The team was the result of a merger of two Melbourne clubs (the South Melbourne Saints and the Eastside Spectres) for the 1992 season. The teams home venue was the Rod Laver Arena which it shared with cross-town rivals the Melbourne Tigers and drew an NBL record 15,366 fans to a game between the two clubs in 1996.

Despite this combination being quite successful during its tenure in the league, making four Grand Final appearances and winning championships in 1992 and 1996, the club once again merged with a cross-town rival, the North Melbourne Giants, for the 1998/99 season. The resulting Victoria Titans were as successful as their predecessors, but after succumbing to financial difficulties were rebranded the Victoria Giants in 2002 and ultimately folded as such in 2004.

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