[phpwiki]Victoria Titans

Team Info

 Established      1998
 Final Season     2002 (2004 As the Victoria Giants)
 Home Venue       Vodafone Arena, Melbourne
 Championships    None

Retired Jerseys


Club History

 Noteable Players
 Jason Smith
 Chris Anstey
 Jamahl Mosley
 Darryl McDonald

The Victoria Titans were an Australian basketball team that played in Melbourne, Victoria, in the National Basketball League. The team was the result of a merger of two Melbourne clubs (the South East Melbourne Magic and the North Melbourne Giants) for the inaugural NBL summer season of 1998/99. The "Titans" moniker also symbolised this merger as a Titan, in mythology, is a "magical giant".

The Titans appeared in two Grand Finals series, but failed to win any championships. The Titans lost two games to one against the Adelaide 36ers in their first season, and were defeated two games to nil against the Perth Wildcats in 2000.

After the 2001-02 season, the financially struggling Titans went into financial administration. The club was eventually sold and rebranded the Victoria Giants.

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