[phpwiki]West Adelaide Bearcats

Team Info

 Established     1946 (1979 NBL)
 Home Venue      Apollo Stadium, Adelaide
 Final Season    1984
 Champions       1982

Retired Jerseys


Noteable Players

 Al Green
 Peter Ali
 Leroy Loggins
 Ray Wood
 Ken Richardson
 Mike McKay

Club History

The West Adelaide Bearcats was a foundation club in the NBL which merged with the Adelaide 36ers in 1985. Founded in 1946, it won the NBL championship 8074 against the Geelong Supercats in 1982. During the 1982 regular season West Adelaide finished first with a 215 win/loss record.

One of the Bearcats best players, US-born Al Green won the NBL MVP award that season. Although he won the MVP award he was controversially not named to the All NBL Team. Leroy Loggins, another West Adelaide player and future Brisbane Bullets star was named in that side. The Bearcats also had the leagues first league MVP when in 1979 Ken Richardson won the award. West Adelaide also made Grand Final appearances in 1980 and 1983. The club merged with the Adelaide 36ers at the end of the 1984 season, which was the last the Bearcats played in their own right

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