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+'''About NBL Wiki'''
+All stats are either direct from the NBL, NBL teams or [Sportingpulse | http://www.sportingpulse.com] website. The site is being updated everyday, if you have info on a player listed or not listed, feel free to add it. Just please read the [Rules] first.
+[More About NBL Wiki]
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+'''Player/Team Search'''
+__Current Teams__
+*[Adelaide 36ers]
+*[Cairns Taipans]
+*[Melbourne United]
+*[NZ Breakers]
+*[Perth Wildcats]
+*[Sydney Kings]
+*[Townsville Crocs]
+*[Wollongong Hawks]
+__Previous Teams__
+*[Brisbane Bullets]
+*[Canberra Cannons]
+*[City of Sydney Astronauts]
+*[Devonport Warriors]
+*[Eastside Spectres]
+*[Geelong Supercats]
+*[Glenelg Tigers]
+*[Gold Coast Rollers]
+*[Gold Coast Blaze]
+*[Hobart Devils]
+*[Hunter Pirates]
+*[Launceston Casino City]
+*[Melbourne Tigers]
+*[Newcastle Falcons]
+*[North Melbourne Giants]
+*[Nunawading Spectres]
+*[Singapore Slingers]
+*[South Dragons]
+*[St Kilda Saints]
+*[South East Melbourne Magic]
+*[Sydney Supersonics]
+*[Sydney Spirit]
+*[Victoria Titans]
+*[Victoria Giants]
+*[Westside Melbourne Saints]
+*[West Sydney Razorbacks]
+*[West Sydney Westars]
+*[West Adelaide Bearcats]
+__Season By Season__
+__NBL All Star__
+*[NBL All Star Games]
+__NBL Awards__
+*[NBL Hall of Fame]
+*[All NBL First Team]
+*[NBL Rookie of the year]
+*[NBL Best Sixth Man]
+*[NBL Most Improved Player]
+*[Grand Final MVP]
+*[NBL Best Defensive Player]
+__NBL Championships__
+*[Team Championships]
+__NBL Records__
+*[40Min Records]
+*[48Min Records]
+*[Best scoring debuts]
+*[Other Records]
+__NBL Media__
+*[One On One]
+*[TV Ratings]
+*[Pro Basketball Today]
+*[MVP] TV show
+*Overtime TV Show
+*[NBL Slam] TV Show
+*The Australian Basketballer
+*[NBL Live 2006] Video Game
+*[NBL Challenge] Board Game
+*[Slam Dunk Basketball] Board Game
+*[1996 NBL Season]
+*[NBL and the NBA]
+*[NBL SEABL imports crossover]
+'''Info about NBL Wiki/How to add pages'''
+Below are some pages on how you can add a player, team, coach, modify previous pages etc. Please read the [rules] before adding a page. Check out [Latest Updates] for more info
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