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Round 1 Tips And Odds


Adelaide 36ers [home] vs New Zealand Breakers

Odds: Adelaide: $1.80 v New Zealand: $2.00

ATF Tip: 36ers by 8+

Breakers are on the road and without Tom Abercombie (injury), Alex Pledger (injury) and Corey Webster (still chasing his NBA dream), It’s going to be tough for the defending champs to pull this one out against a healthy Adelaide 36ers team.

Breakers paying $2.00.. Really they should be pushing $2.80

Cairns Taipans [home] vs Illawarra Hawks

Odds: Cairns $1.38 v Illawarra: $3.07 **punt of the round**

ATF Tip: Taipans by 3+

Hawks have been dealt a big blow after it was announced that Rhys Martin will miss the first few games due to injury. Illawarra are pretty thin at the PG position, although Lisch can play the 1 and so can Demos, neither are the kind of floor general Martin is.

Cairns suit up without Cam Tragardh who has injured his calf during the week. However the Taipans are rich with talent at his position with Worthington, Loughton and Burston.

If you enjoy a punt though, I would definitely put a sneaky bet on the Hawks to take out this game (paying over $3!). Their bad odds are mainly due to their pre-season form which has been average due to Bevo resting some of his veterans.

Townsville Crocs [home] vs Melbourne United

Odds: Townsville: $2.05 v Melbourne $1.78

ATF Tip: Melbourne by 10+

Sorry Townsville fans.. Melbourne just have too much talent. But there is some good match ups here. Warrick vs Conklin. Jett vs Goulding etc. However Melbourne are just too stacked with offensive fire power.

Really – Townsville should be pushing $3 on this game.

Sydney Kings [home] vs Cairns Taipans

Odds: Sydney $1.78 v Cairns $2.05

ATF Tip: Taipans by 2

This could really swing either way. Cairns will be playing their 2nd game in 3 nights so fatigue may come into play, however it IS only round 1. The Kings are stacked with one of their best teams since the championship teams of the early 00’s. The question is – can they integrate all that talent?

Taipans paying $2.05 is a pretty solid deal.

Adelaide 36ers [home] vs Perth Wildcats

Odds: Adelaide $2.05 v Perth $1.78

ATF Tips: Can I Natalie Imbruglia this & say I’m torn?

Jeez this is going to be a tough one. Normally you would say the Wildcats, however it doesn’t matter what year it is.. Adelaide always seem to have a Perth switch where they can be horrible for the rest of the league, but come against the Wildcats and all the sudden everyone plays like they’re All-NBL First Teamers.

Melbourne United [home] vs Illawarra Hawks

Odds: Melbourne $1.48 v Illawarra $2.67

ATF Tips: Melbourne by 6+

Illawarra are one of the only teams that can match United in terms of talent, however the Hawks will be without Rhys Martin again and Kirk Penney is still a big unknown. So we’re going with the safer bet of Melbourne United… It will be fun to see Chris Goulding try to make Tyson Demos dance again like he did in the pre-season.

Hawks paying $2.67, I still like those odds even though they’re down a man. Just no money in United’s line.

New Zealand Breakers [home] vs Townsville Crocs

Odds: New Zealand $1.14 v Townsville $5.80

ATF Tips: New Zealand by 10+

It’s going to be a tough one for Crocs fans.. But I believe they have a better shot at beating the Breakers than they do at beating United. Although it’s still very unlikely.

Crocs are paying $5.80, which is huge. But you may be throwing your money away.

All odds are via SportsBet 

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@Andthefoulnet yeh I think the first 3 games were pretty clear cut. Today's games should be crackers Taipans / 36rs for me