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Round 4 Tips And Odds


NZ BREAKERS v Cairns Taipans

Odds: Breakers $1.37 v Taipans $3.20 *punt of the round*

ATF Tip: Breakers by 4

Breakers are the favorites in this game and rightly so, they’ve added scoring gun Corey Webster and he is in A+ shape after a stint in the NBA camps. Big question is still Alex Pledger and Tom Abercrombie’s health. Abercrombie has been inconsistent and Pledger looks bored at times. Even though we are tipping the Breakers to win, wouldn’t be surprised if the Snakes get up.

Taipans paying $3.20 for the win. This game will be closer than that and Cairns will have every chance to take out the Breakers. Cairns are a dangerous team to play after dropping a couple of winnable games recently.

TOWNSVILLE CROCS v Illawarra Hawks

Odds: Crocs $2.67 v Hawks $1.52

ATF Tip: Hawks by 8+

This will be a tough game for the Crocs as the Hawks are coming off a loss against the Wildcats last week. A game they let slip in the dying minutes. Townsville are the surprise team of the season after pulling out a win in Perth and Sydney. But can they keep it up? Should also be noted that the Hawks are 0-2 with Kevin Lisch in the lineup.

Hawks look like a lock and $1.52 is not going to give you much value. However we’ve also said that about ever Crocs game..


Odds: United $1.40 v Wildcats $3.10

ATF Tip: Perth by 3+

Melbourne have to lose soon, right? Perth have a string of injured players that are in doubt for this match. If Damian Martin doesn’t suit up then Melbourne will trot their way to yet another win. If Martin plays and can stop Goulding or Holt, then Perth will take this out. Also a late scratch for the game is Melbourne United import Hakim Warrick, who will miss this rounds games.

Wildcats paying $3.10.. Possible they can pull out the win. If you are a Perth fan and have faith, i’d jump on that.

SYDNEY KINGS v Townsville Crocs

Odds: Kings $1.42 v Crocs $2.95

ATF Tip: Kings by 8+

Lightening  can’t strike twice can it? The Crocs upset the Sydney Kings earlier this season but now the Kings have added NBA Vet Al Harrington this week and will be a tough to beat for a 2nd time this month. In saying that – this Crocs team have surprised everyone with their brand of ball this season.

Both odds are pretty poor to warrant taking a punt, in our opinion.

ADELAIDE 36ERS v Cairns Taipans

Odds: 36ers $1.35 v Taipans $3.30

ATF Tip: Taipans by 6+ **

**If the Taipans drop their first game this round against the Breakers, look for them to pull out the win in Adelaide. If they beat the Breakers, then who knows! Teams have now scouted Randle so will we see the same impact for the rest of the season?

Snakes paying $3.30.. I’d jump all over that.

PERTH WILDCATS v Illawarra Hawks

Odds: Wildcats $1.40 v Hawks $3.10

ATF Tip: Wildcats by 4

We don’t see the Wildcats dropping another game at home and the Hawks have struggled to win in Perth since the early 90s. However with Lisch and Bevo returning to Perth for the first time, emotions will be running high – who knows right?

Hawks paying over $3 for the upset. I’d take that if I was a Hawks fan.


Odds: United $1.16 v Kings $5.50

ATF Tips: United by 8+

Even though United will be without Warrick and the Kings will be with Al Harrington.. Kings just don’t have the defensive firepower to stop Goulding/Holt/Kickert/Blanchfield.

If you have faith in Sydney – Sure $5.50 is great. Personally I dont like throwing away money though.


All odds via bet365

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