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Sydney’s Season To Remember


With a loss to the Townsville Crocs on Wednesday night the Sydney Kings have all but secured last place for just the 2nd time in team history.

What started off as a season with such promise is ending as a soon that won’t soon be forgotten, thanks to a series of injuries, firing’s and hiring’s.

So we decided to have a quick look back at one of the most memorable Sydney Kings seasons.

Hey coach! Put me back in!

One of the biggest injury blows to the Kings this season was the sudden loss of big man and early MVP candidate, Julian Khazzouh.

Khazzouh went down in a loss to the Illawarra Hawks in December and the Kings were left to try to scramble to find a replacement. With limited time and funds they turned to former NBL player and now assistant coach Ben Knight.

Knight had played 399 NBL games at the time and many fans had their doubts that Knight could still get up and down the floor, however Knight held his on.

The 39 year old played 3 games and in 6 minutes a game averaged 1.6 rpg, 0.3 bpg and 0.6 ppg.

Remember Steve?

Remember when the Kings signed Steven Markovic? You’d be excused if you don’t because he’s only played 7 games this season.

Markovic sat out for a couple of games earlier in the season due to an unknown illness. Although Markovic still showed up for games to give his support to his team mates, he had unofficially been ruled out for the season and could very likely retire at seasons end.

The only bright side of Steven being out all season long is the emergence of Jason Cadee.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, we will not comment on what is keeping Markovic out, however just add it to another foot note of the Kings season so far.

HarringtonNot 1 – Not 2 – But 3!

That’s right. Not 1, not 2 but 3 former NBA players have played on the Kings roster this season! And that’s not including Marcus Thornton who was a NBA draft pick last year.

When Josh Childress went out with a hand issue earlier in the season the Kings brought former NBA big man Al Harrington out of retirement.

After a slow start, big Al (or the 90 million dollar man.. As they kept saying every damn time he touched the ball!) Harrington ended up averaging a solid 17.7 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 2.7 apg in 6 NBL games. Harrington said how much he enjoyed his time in Australia and had it been under different circumstances, could have made some real noise in Sydney.

Harrington left the Kings as Childress returned to play, however Childress injured himself again and the Kings were forced to look for another temp replacement.

Enter former NBA player number 3, Damion Jones.

Jones somehow managed to play 5 games for the Kings and dragged his poor attitude around the court, often not participating in timeout huddles, breaking plays and cussing off his coach.

Thank god we only had to put up with him for a handful of games. He averaged  7 ppg, 7.8 rpg and shot the ball at a embarrassing 22% from the floor.. Ouch!

Hey Josh, please don’t leave Sydney?

The curious case of the coach

With the Kings struggling with injuries and chemistry issues, the team decided to sign Joe Connelly as a “Specialist Assistant Coach” on November 14th.

The timing of the signing was just as suspect as the title Connelly was signed under. Many people believed that it was only a matter of time until the Kings were to fire Damian Cotter in favor for Connelly. 2 weeks later – Cotter was fired as the Kings head coach and Connelly was signed as interim head coach.

Goodbye Kingdome

Well we all knew it was going to happen, but this season marked the end of the Kingdome as it gets torn down for a newer building to be opened in the future.

After 25 years the Kings left the CBD and moved out west to the much smaller State Sports Centre.

Thornton gets a tinny

Yeah sure we could talk about how much Marcus Thornton has been MIA this season. How his shot selection has you scratching your head. How he shoots so early in the shot clock, often with a hand in his face. How he overplays a lot of the time. Or how you can go for 3/4 of a game without realising he’s in the game.

But that happens with rookies.

What doesn’t normally happen, is you go for a layup, fall down and get old man river wasting a $10 tinny on your head. That’s what happened in Wollongong when the Kings visited the Hawks.

For his efforts, Old man river was banned for the season and did the walk of shame. Credit to Marcus though, he didn’t react and accepted the punters apology.


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Pierce Makaola
Pierce Makaola

Give our guy Dion Prewster another year at least FAM .

Stewart Okell
Stewart Okell

Keep Brandt, Garlepp and Prewster and throw the bank at Randle

Khan Cincinatti Beecroft
Khan Cincinatti Beecroft

& yet our last home game will still be a sellout haha! & next year season tickets will still sell well for the new Stadium with 2 new summer league dud imports. \U0001f622

Lachlan McPherson
Lachlan McPherson

If they were smart they would get rid of everyone. Actually the whole club while they are at it

Daniel Munday
Daniel Munday

Chill, Cadee, Tommy, Khazzouh & Prewster. I'll pass the hat around to ensure Thornton gets on a plane home

Jase Murray
Jase Murray

Keep whoever they are legally required to under contract and get rid of anyone else. Including the front office. Wipe the floor clean and start from scratch. Thats the only thing that will save the team


@Andthefoulnet remember and use it as an example of what NOT to do and why they need to make the changes from the top down!

Anoush Jay Sansom
Anoush Jay Sansom

If ever there was a season that warranted the term "complete balls-up"...

Jon Guarna
Jon Guarna

A great example of ownership meddling in basketball side of things. Sometimes chemistry far outweighs talent...and the Kings chemistry was terrible this season.