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Season Award Winners


With the NBL season awards being announced tonight we thought we would go through our season award winners.

Sixth Man Of The Year

Who the NBL will probably pick: Hakim Warrick

Who we pick: Hakim Warrick

This is a pretty easy choice, only really Torrey Craig can challenge Warrick for this award. Although both players have had a number of starts this season, majority of the games they have both came off the bench.

You can’t go past Warrick’s stats this season though. In 21 min a game he averaged 13 ppg and 5.6 rpg whilst shooting the ball at 50% from the field. When Warrick went down with an injury, United struggled to score inside and ultimately dropped back into the pack. When he returned, Melbourne returned to the top of the ladder.

Other worthy players of note: Rhys Martin, Mitch Young, Jesse Wagstaff

Rookie Of The Year

Who the NBL will probably pick: Nick Kay

Who we pick: Nick Kay

Let’s go home. It’s done. Kay is this season’s rookie of the year. If anyone else wins this then the Croc should get his shirt gun back from the police and go on a rampage. And I’ll be there next to him!

Kay benefited the most when the Crocs let Brian Conklin go early in the season. Nick got the nod to start full time and put up some solid numbers.

For the season Kay averaged 10 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.2 apg and shot the ball at over 52% from the floor. Kay’s best game of the season came against the Illawarra Hawks when he scored 24 points, 15 rebounds and a block.

Most Improved PlayerWEEKS DUNK

Who the NBL will probably pick: Clint Steindl

Who we pick: Jarrad Weeks

Steindl went from being a 4th or even 5th option on the Crocs last season to being 2nd and some games even first option for a improved Crocs team this season. He improved in points per game, rebounds per game, steals per game as well as shooting the ball at a higher clip from beyond the arch.

We won’t be upset of Steindl wins this.. However..

Jarrad Weeks went from not having a contract, to signing a injury replacement contract to taking over the NBL with #agent97 mania, ultimately winning a FT role with the Illawarra Hawks all within the space of a couple of months. Sure the Weeks hype train has slowed down over recent weeks but you can’t deny how much this guy has improved this season.

Weeks last played in the NBL in 2013-14 when he barely got on for the Sydney Kings. That season he only played 10 games, averaging 0.8 ppg, 0.6 rpg and 0.3 apg. This season he played every game for the Hawks and averaged 6.3 ppg, 1.2 rpg, 1.4 apg and proved he can be a respectable outside shooter after shooting 43% from 3.

Other worthy players to note: Nathan Sobey, Corey Maynard, Jason Cadee and Shaun Bruce.

Defensive Player Of The Year

Who the NBL will probably pick: Damian Martin

Who we pick: AJ Ogilvy

AJ finished the season being 3rd in blocks, 3rd in steals and 3rd in rebounds. When he is out of the game the Hawks really struggle to not only defend the interior, but they make the other team look like they’re a team of Dennis Rodman’s, Illawarra can’t accidentally grab a rebound at times! When AJ is in the game, he changes shots and disrupts passing lanes. He’s also the best player in the game at knocking the ball off the rim.

The NBL will likely go with Martin because, well, it’s safe. He’s been the defensive player of the year every year since the day he was born. Why don’t we go with Martin this season? Well he missed out on 10 games and he hasn’t been at 100% for the 18 games he has played. In saying that, he looks good to go for the playoffs..

Other worthy players to note: Casey Prather, Kevin Lisch, Cedric Jackson, Adam Gibson

Coach Of The Year

Who the NBL will probably pick: Dean Demopoulos

Who we pick: Shawn Dennis

People say anyone can coach a stacked team. That’s simply not true. Remember what happened to Melbourne last season? Remember where people predicted Sydney to be this season? It’s tough to manage the ego’s as well as find enough minutes and shots to go around, keep everyone happy , finding a system that works and convincing some players to take a lesser role.. and win. Demopoulos has done that this season. He will likely get the nod and we won’t complain.

We pick Dennis however. Why? Everyone predicted the Crocs to not only finish last but most thought they would struggle to win 5 games this season. Some fans on Twitter even predicting just 2 wins. Instead not only did the Crocs improve on last season’s record with 11 wins but they also beat Perth in Perth and remember that win in Sydney early in the season when everyone thought the Kings will be title contenders?

On paper the Crocs should not have won as many games as they did. They dropped last season’s LEAGUE MVP and somehow got better. They missed Luke Schenscher for half of the season and relied on a young back court of Djeric, Norton and Maynard. Their average age? Just 22. You also throw in a young inconsistent PG import and you can see why many predicted last place and a 5 win season. But Dennis not only made the Crocs believe that they were better than people believed, but he helped players such as Steindl, Maynard and Henry to have career seasons.

RANDLE SHOTMost Valuable Player

Who the NBL will probably pick: That’s tough…

Who we pick: Jerome Randle

The way the NBL MVP voting works means that it will be very unlikely anyone from the Hawks will win the MVP even though they have 3 legit MVP contenders. Which is unfortunate because AJ and Lisch both put up a hell of a season respectively.

Although he missed a few games at the start of the season and his team just missed out on the playoffs, our pick is with Jerome Randle. Why? Besides leading the league in scoring and 2nd in assists. Randle lifted the 36ers this season much like Rotnei Clarke did for the Hawks a few seasons ago. When he missed games, it was clear the 36ers were lost. When he played, they were title contenders. He is one of maybe 2 or 3 players in the league that fans pay to see, fans make sure they cancel their other plans when the 36ers come to town just so they can see what he can do on the floor.

Other worthy players to note: Chris Goulding, AJ Ogilvy, Kevin Lisch, Kirk Penney, Corey Webster, Cedric Jackson

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Josh Gowers
Josh Gowers

Lisch for sure or holt. If Randell gets it I'm going on a killing spree

Cody Pound
Cody Pound

Randle for MVP despite missing five games, Warrick 6th man, Ogilvy defensive, Garlepp most improved and Kay for rookie. Coach would have to be Dennis for what he achieved with his roster

Paul Fox
Paul Fox

Best player in league is Holt from Melbourne

Ashley Trenorden
Ashley Trenorden

Randle for selling out Adelaide Arena despite our shitty season.

Thomas Green
Thomas Green

Lisch MVP, ogilvy defensive, 6th man rob 'the bev' beveridge coach of the year, Rhys 'the magician' Martin 6th man, Ellis most improved

Matthew Van Ingen
Matthew Van Ingen

MVP - Ogilvy, B6M - Warrick, DPOY - Ogilvy, CoY - Demopolous, RoY - Kay, MIP - Cadee.

Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson

I think Randle missed too many games to win, sadly. Lisch or Ogilvy for mine. Hopefully not Goulding.