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Powell “I do know a lot of really good players come from Australia”


Sydney Kings new import Josh Powell touched down in Sydney today and is set to play for the Kings this round against the Taipans.

The 33 year old big man has played everywhere from China to Greece and of course 316 games in the NBA. Powell’s current stop in the NBL will be for the 22nd stop in his professional career.

The Kings are hoping that Powell will fill the void they have in the middle left by the injury to Julian Khazzouh, however when asked about the league, Powell admitted today that he has never actually seen the NBL.

“Nothing. That’s the thing. I mean other than Patty Mills and I was able to be a team mate of his for a short period of time. But I do know a lot of really good players come from Australia, I know that the brand of basketball is really good here, very competitive and I’m excited.”

The time Powell was Patty Mills team mate was in 2012 when Powell was signed by the Spurs, however Powell was cut after 6 pre-season games.

Powell did bring up that former Kings import Al Harrington has mentioned the NBL to him though.

“Everybody has had really great things to say about Australia. I had a chance to speak to Al (Harrington) before, not before this (Powell’s singing) went down but I did talk to him previously when he had his stint here, and he said he loved it, his family was here and everything went well. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the country and the brand of basketball here.”

The Kings have said that Powell will play on Saturday against the Cairns Taipans. It is unknown at this stage if he will be cleared in time to play on Thursday against the Illawarra Hawks.

You can get your tickets for the Kings Vs Taipans game here


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