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Import report # 2


Active Imports:
Chris Warren – 36ers
Diamon Simpson – 36ers
Diamon Simpson – 36ers
Andrew Warren – Taipans
Jamar Wilson – Taipans
Will Hudson – Blaze
Ayinde Ubaka – Tigers
Ronald Dorsey – Tigers
Cedric Jackson – Breakers
Gary Wilkinson- Breakers
Kevin Lisch – Wildcats
Kevin Ratzsch – Kings
Jerai Grant – Kings
Eddie Gill –  Crocs
Elvin Mims – Crocs
Joevan Catron – Hawks

Leader of the pack:
Last week Cedric Jackson came up with the goods in back to back wins. This week he did a pretty solid job against the Kings with 14points & 8 assists. But it was hard to ignore Perth Wildcats import Kevin Lisch so far this year. He has been mr consistent for the Cats. In his first two games (both Wildcat wins by the way) he has averaged over 22 points per game to go along with 4 assists per game. But what’s most impressive is his shooting clip. 70% from the field & 66% from 3 point land. This round he helped lead the Cats past title contenders, the Melbourne Tigers, with ease. Between Lisch & Redhage the Wildcats are a hard team to bet against.

A step behind:
I’m not sure if Tigers forward Ron Dorsey has an injury or not, but this week he again put up a less than inspiring game. Granted the Perth Wildcats defense was great as usual, but this is why the imports are paid the big dollars (ha!).  Instead, Dorsey had perhaps the worst game of his career with 0 points, 2 rebounds & 1 turnover. He only managed to get two shots off. Maybe there isn’t enough ball for everyone? I know Ron isn’t the main scoring option, or second, or third even. Still, there is no excuse for your import to get only 2 rebounds. If the Tigers lose again next round, will he be given a “shape up or  ship out” warning?

Flirting with the exit:
The Kings were embarrassed on their home floor in round two by the Breakers who, once again, shown they are ready to make a back to back title run. The Kings help on defense or offense was few & far between last Saturday night but it seemed as though Kings import, Ratzsch had disappeared again. He picked up just 7 points & 6 rebounds in a blow out loss. How many games does the Kings have to lose before he is shown the door? Kings fans are calling for a new coach in Sydney but i think first off they should look for a new import.

Most Improved:
Would have to go to Cairns import Andrew Warren. After his first game a lot of fans were calling him out, saying Taipans should get rid of him asap. But this week started to go to work in a loss against the Crocs with a respectable 16 points & 7 rebounds. But he was just starting.. Sunday night he dismantled title contenders the Gold Coast Blaze, with a huge second half. Scoring 28 points, 2 steals, 4 assists, 4 rebounds whilst shooting at a huge 79% (11/14) from the field. He put the team on his shoulders when it came down to the crunch in the final quarter, and the Blaze didn’t know how to guard him. He was hitting threes with a hand in his face, diving on lose balls etc. Surely he has shut up a few of his critics..

Import ranking week 2
#1 – Kevin Lisch / 22ppg, 3.5apg, 4rpg, 70%FG
#2 – Cedric Jackson / 17ppg, 5.0apg, 5.3rpg, 2.3spg
#3 – Chris Warren/ 21ppg, 2.5apg, 1.0spg, 55%FG

Positions vacant:
Wollongong Hawks – 1 spot
Perth Wildcats – 1 spot

Released Imports
John Williamson – 36ers
0 games

Mike English – Blaze
1 game. 0 points. 4 turnovers

Donavan Monroe – Hawks
0 games

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