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Import Report #4


Active Imports:
Chris Warren – 36ers
Diamon Simpson – 36ers
Andrew Warren – Taipans
Jamar Wilson – Taipans
Adris Deleon – Blaze
Will Hudson – Blaze
Ayinde Ubaka – Tigers
Ronald Dorsey – Tigers
Cedric Jackson – Breakers
Gary Wilkinson- Breakers
Kevin Lisch – Wildcats
Kevin Ratzsch – Kings
Jerai Grant – Kings
Eddie Gill – Crocs
Elvin Mims – Crocs
Joevan Catron – Hawks
Showron Glover – Hawks

Leader of the pack:
Even though the Wildcats lost this week against the Adelaide 36ers in a thriller in Perth, I still believe Kevin Lisch is the best import in the league at the moment. He was kept fairly quiet on Friday mainly due to foul trouble keeping him from being aggressive on the offensive end, and the fact that he had to chase Weigh most of the night. He still had a respectable 15 points, 6 rebounds & 3 assists. He missed some easy ones earlier in the game & finished the game shooting at 42% which is actually his lowest for the year.
Don’t expect Kevin to have the same game against the Hawks next round, he is expected to bounce back after an off shooting night on Friday.

A step behind:
This round wasn’t the best when it came to import play.. A lot of imports failed to make an impact this week. Usual suspects of Ratzsch, Dorsey & Warren all had below par games. Dorsey was the only one to pull out a win out of the three. Dorsey played 20minutes scored 6 points, 2 rebounds & 1 steal. All his shot attempts came from the 3 point line. Which seems to be a running trend with Dorsey this year . He averages over 4, 3 point attempts per game whilst only hitting 25% of them.
Not including the two new Imports that had just joined the league this round, he is on the bottom of almost every statistical category in the import league leaders. Sure he doesn’t have the same role now Patty Mills plays on the same team, but surely he should be able to pick up his game in other areas. Having you starting forward average a little over 2 rebounds per game is poor in any league.

Flirting with the exit:
Usually this spot is saved for the Sydney Kings Ratzsch. But an old name has appeared on the list again.. Andrew Warren.
Warren had a great game a couple of weeks ago, leading his team with a win against the Blaze, that game saved his NBL career for a few more weeks. But this week the Taipans lost against the Hawks & Warren had a shocker. He went 1/9 from the floor, 3 points, 4 rebounds & 3 turnovers. If Warren even half showed up against the Hawks like he did when he played the Taipans.. the Taipans would of won the game and they would be at 3 – 1, tied for second place. But Warren’s poor play may now push him closer to unemployment.

Most Improved:
I know he took this out last week, but he again stepped up this week. We are talking about Joevan “Megatron” Catron. His flair & passion has made him a fan favorite in Wollongong & giving many Hawk faithful some hope this year.
The Hawks picked up the split this round, beating the Taipans in Cairns & after coming out firing early against the Tigers, they were just too tired in the end. Falling to the Tigers in Wollongong on Sunday night. The reason why they were in both games was because of Joevan’s play. Against the Taipans he went for 15 points, 8 rebounds & 1 block. Usually pretty good from the free throw line, but he went just 2/6 from the charity stripe on Fridays game.
Sunday night against the Tigers, Catron came out firing and lead the team early in the game. He finished the game with 18 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists & 2 steals. Shooting at 53% from the field. The most impressive thing about his stat lines is how he scored those points & picked up those assists. On Sunday he lifted the crowd at the Sand Pit with a series of moves that had the crowd yelling out ohhhs & ahhhs all game.
Honorable mentions: Elvin Mims

New kids on the block:
The Gold Coast Blaze & Wollongong Hawks picked up a new import each this week. The Blaze signed playground legend Adris Deleon, he played a little over 13 minutes in a loss against against Townsville. He looked a little nervous at the start but looks like he could be a solid pick up for the struggling Blaze. He only scored 2 points on 1/6 shooting, he also picked up 1 assist.
The Hawks finally signed Showron “Showtime/Beastin” Glover after he arrived in the country a week or two ago. Showron has said he has already fallen in love with Australia & the ‘Gong. And it appears the feeling is mutual. Fans have taken to Twitter showering Glover with love! In his first game he only played for 39 seconds. Gordie McLeod had said he doesn’t expect Glover to come in & play big minutes straight away, so this weekend he was only expected to get around 5minutes a game max. Sundays game he played under 5 minutes (last 5 minutes of the game). When he was put into the game the Hawks looked down & out. Enter Showron who almost got the Hawks back into the game. He picked up a huge 6 assists & 2 points. He looked poised and comfortable on the court, Setting up team mates perfectly. You can’t help but think if he came into the game just 2 minutes earlier, the end result may of ended differently.
One thing is for sure, Showtime’s fan base would of doubled in size after Sunday. Not bad for less than 5 minutes of play.

Import ranking week 4
#1 – Kevin Lisch / 22ppg*, 2.8apg, 3.5rpg, 60%FG
#2 – Gary Wilkinson/ 17ppg, 7.6rpg, 54%FG
#3 – Joevan Catron / 14ppg, 5.2rpg, 1.7apg, 47%FG
*=Leading League

Positions vacant:
Perth Wildcats – 1 spot

Released Imports:
John Williamson – 36ers
0 games
Mike English – Blaze
1 game. 0 points. 4 turnovers

Donavan Monroe – Hawks
0 games

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