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Rookie Report Week 6


Name: Anatoly Bose
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #1
Last Week: #1
I’m unsure of i should put Bose as #1 still as he currently sits on the injured list. But if he comes back in the same form i still say he’s favorite for ROTY.

Name: Everard Bartlett
Team: Perth Wildcats
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 4
Rookie Rank: #2
Last Week: #4
One of the surprises for round 6 would have to be the play of Perth Wildcats wild card Rookie, Everard Bartlett. Sure, in the game against the Blaze he played like a typical rookie. Put up a couple of ill advised shots on his way to 4 points on 67% from the field. But Bartlett was the Wildcats only shinning light in the first half of Sundays game against the Taipans. Bartlett scored 11 points on 60% from 3 point land (3/5) & 1 steal. Most of his points came in the first half when the rest of the Wildcats were struggling. If it wasn’t for Everard, the Wildcats would of lost both games in round 6.

Name: Chris Cedar
Team: Townsville Crocs
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #3
Last Week: #2
The Crocs beat the Tigers in Melbourne in one of the biggest upsets so far this year. Cedar didn’t play as well as round 4 but still played valuable minutes when Townsville floor leader, Eddie Gill, was off the court resting. Cedar played 10 minutes and picked up 2 points and 2 rebounds. Cedar would of played more minutes if it wasn’t for Eddie Gill’s MVP like performance.

Name: Alex Gynes
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Guard/Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #4
Last Week: #3
Gynes performance against the 36ers wouldn’t impress anyone anytime soon. But the Kings got the win.. Alex only played 7 minutes and  1 assist. His low minutes was likely due to Madgen playing so well & Dann finally able to play solid minutes.

Name: Martin Iti
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Center
Height: 7ft 0
Rookie Rank: #5
Last Week: #5
Iti played the normal 2.5 minutes and went for the usual 0, 0, 0.

Name: Mitch Norton
Team: Townsville Crocodiles
Position: Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #6
Last Week: #5
Mitch can actually play now, expect him to get some limited minutes in the coming weeks..


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