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Import Report #7


Active Imports:
Chris Warren – 36ers
Diamon Simpson – 36ers
Andrew Warren – Taipans
Jamar Wilson – Taipans
Adris Deleon – Blaze
Will Hudson – Blaze
Ayinde Ubaka – Tigers
Ronald Dorsey – Tigers
Cedric Jackson – Breakers
Gary Wilkinson- Breakers
Kevin Lisch – Wildcats
Kevin Ratzsch – Kings
Jerai Grant – Kings
Eddie Gill – Crocs
Elvin Mims – Crocs
Joevan Catron – Hawks
Showron Glover – Hawks

Leader of the pack:
Well it’s not so clear cut now the NBL season is a few weeks in. For the first few rounds i would of said Kevin Lisch was the best import, but he has had a few quiet games recently. So i’m going to pick someone else.. The Cairns Taipans Jamar Wilson.
Wilson has lead the surprising Taipans to a 4 – 4 record, not that good? Take into consideration the injuries the Taipans have had and inconsistency of their second import Andrew Warren, i think it’s a solid record at this point of the year. He leads his team in points per game with 16.5, assists per game with 3.6, third on the team in rebounds per game with 5.3 and first (which is a worry) on the team in blocks per game with 0.4. I’m not sure he will be rated the best import all year around but coming off last round, he sure looks like a great pick up.  

A step behind:
After a couple decent games, Kevin Ratzsch slumped back into his old ways. He has shown what he can do, so you can’t help but wonder if it’s Kevin or his coach. Many people are calling for a shake up at the Kings, playing roster and coaching staff.
Last round Kevin scored 7 points and picked up 4 rebounds. But he did manage to get 2 steals and a block in 25 minutes. Those stats tell me the effort is there, maybe he just needs some more plays run for him? Maybe he needs to crash the offensive glass more? 

Flirting with the exit:
Last import report i said Andrew Warren would have to be released soon, but he picked it up last round. So this round i’m sticking with Ratzsch. The Kings management have put the teams on notice which means that if the Kings go 0 – 2 this round (which is very likely) Ratzsch or/and/ Grant will be sent home.

Most Improved:
I think this is the second time he’s had this title, but Taipans import Andrew Warren would have to be the most improved import after the last round when the Taipans went 2 – 0. Warren went for 21 points and 4 rebounds against the Kings in a win on the road. And then a few days later beat the defending champions Breakers in a triller in Cairns, that game he AGAIN went for 21 points and 4 rebounds. I have always said that if the Taipans have both Warren & Wilson going for 20+ points in a game, then they can beat any team in the league.

Up & Coming:
I would have to give this too two players. First player is Adris Deleon. Who i think is now (or should be) the marque player in the NBL. He has style, he has swag, he can play & he wins. What more do you need? Mark my words, by the end of the year this guy will have sold (or come close 2nd to Patty Mills) the most jerseys in the NBL.
Last two games he has dropped 21 points, one game he had 21 points to go with 8 assists and 5 rebounds. Last game he scored 21 points but pretty much 0 across the other stats. But more importantly both games have been wins. If the Blaze make the playoffs, Adris should be a top 3 for MVP.
My second pick for up and coming is a prediction. I know you all know about Patty Mills leaving the NBL to go to China. This now leaves about 20+ shot attempts a game free, who do i believe the bulk will go too? Ron Dorsey. Dorsey hasn’t had a ‘import’ like year this year, that’s mainly due to him giving up shots so Patty can shot more. Now he’s gone i expect Ron to step it up, so look out this round. Dorsey is going to jack up a few more shots..

Two words: Eddie Gill. The Crocs have picked up a steal with this guy and he is THE reason why they are still in the playoff race despite injuries too two starters/role players. He brought the Crocs back in the game against the Tigers, almost by himself!  Then last game in a loss he had a respectable 13 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds and 4 steals.
I tipped him to be a MVP favorite come end of the season and if the Crocs can shock everyone by making the top 4, then he will be right in the mix for MVP. I don’t understand why no one is talking about this guy?

Import ranking week 4
#1 – Jamar Wilson / 16.5ppg, 5.3rpg, 3.6apg, 49%FG
#2 – Eddie Gill / 16ppg, 2.7rpg, 4.3apg, 44%FG
#3 – Adris Deleon / 14.7ppg, 1.7rpg, 2.7apg 42%FG

Positions vacant:
Perth Wildcats – 1 spot

Released Imports:
John Williamson – 36ers
0 games
Mike English – Blaze
1 game. 0 points. 4 turnovers

Donavan Monroe – Hawks
0 games


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John Melville
John Melville

Ratzsch isn't a bad player, but he is an import and for an improt, he just isn't performing. Kings need someone that can just flat out score!