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Jamar Wilson interview


I got a chance to have a chat to one of the leagues best imports this year, the Cairns Taipans Jamar (Dubbs) Wilson.
Wilson joined the Taipans this year after the departure of Ubaka, and since then the Taipans have been predicted to take out the wooden spoon.. So far this year it looks far from it! They are currently tied for 4th place & just one win away from third.
Wilson has lead his team in points per game with 16.ppg & assists per game with 3.8apg, he also leads all guards in rebounds with 5.8 rpg. He is the sole reason the Taipans are in the playoff run, if there was an all star team this year he would surely make it. One of the most underated players in the league and just all around good guy.


Q: What did you know of Australian basketball before you arrived came to Australia?

JW: I didn’t know much sadly enough. I thought traveling too and from different cities wouldn’t be as long as it is. I did have the feel from past experiences: people were pretty genuine and straight shooters. I was also familiar with the Hillsong Church which is on my Bucketlist.

Q: Coming from Honka, which is in Finlands second largest city to the Taipans, which is the NBLs smallest market. What is the fan support like compared to Espoon Honka?

JW: Well the Fan support in Cairns is unreal. The smaller market brings more of a community feel which can be great in many aspects. The community in cairns really support and fight for their team win or lost.

Q: How does the NBL compare to your other stops in Honka, Aalstar, Liege & Verviers-Pep?

JW: It is very different. In Belgium i played with 7-8 other Americans. Rotations where much deeper and being there were so many Americans my role on the team differed. Here in Australia there is more pressure for the imports to produce at a high clip every outing. With only 2 imports, we have to bring a few things to the table in order for the team to be successful.

Q: Despite the Taipans making the finals last season, many felt the team were going to finish last this year, so far that’s not the case. Do you feel you guys are the under dog for the NBL this year?

JW: Yes i do. Obviously we were served the wooden spoon this preseason.Facts are we are small market team, but that’s ok were fine with blue collar duties. We focus on doing the right thing in the community and playing basketball everything else will fall into place.

Q: Do you feel the Taipans can beat anyone anywhere? Or do you think you’re still a work in progress?

JW: I think that our team is capable of beating anyone at any given moment. That being said we are very humble as a team and we respect the game.
I believe in myself, and have proven over the my career that i can put the ball in the basket. We run a certain kind of system where we want to play 60 positions of offense instead of 80 or more. That takes away alot of scoring from our team but it makes us value each position a bit more. Many people want to pay to go see the Blaze they way they get up and down the floor. They play many positions and gives guys a chance to stand out. Our style is trying to be as gritty as we can be, and fight for everything. I have always been the guy who played on the team where we go up in down because its fitting to my game, This is the first time that i have been in a very controlled situation and its appealing also.

Q: Your team mate Andrew Warren has been really up & down this year, he’s come straight from college so he’s doesn’t have as much experience as yourself, did you give him any advice when things seemed rocky?

JW: Andrew is a great guy on and off the floor. Everyone believed in him and this is the perfect situation for him as a rookie. He is a huge focus on the team, sometimes in Europe when there can be up to 8 Americans on a team, you can get swallowed up. Andrew proved that he is a good player in this league and im sure he will continue to turn heads.

Q: Apart from Cairns, what’s your favorite Australian city so far?

JW: Im a city guy myself so anytime i go to a big city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) I immediately feel at home. I enjoy when there are alot of things going around me, its what im use too. That being said Cairns is a great place and i am looking forward to the rest of the time i have hear this season.

Q: Getting a bit ahead of ourselves.. But is Australia somewhere you would like to continue to play if it was possible?

JW: The Wife calls the shots. I’m Living in her world, just trying to make the best of it

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