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Rookie Report week 10


Name: Anatoly Bose
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #1
Last Week: #1
Anatoly bounced back to his earlier form last round, the Kings went 1 – 1 for round 10, beating the 36ers and just missing out on a win against the Crocs. Bose had a stellar game in Sydney against the 36ers. Providing the much needed 3rd option on the offensive end. He finished the game with 21 points, 7 rebounds & 1 block. Although he did go just 1/5 from three.
The second game against the Crocs, Bose play on the offensive end dropped off a little shooting just 20% from the field. But still managed to finish the game with 10 points, 10 rebounds, 1 assist & 2 blocks. With the possibility of Khazzouh staying in America to play in the NBA it will be interesting to see how Bose adapts.

Name: Greg Hire
Team: Perth Wildcats
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #2
Last Week: #3
Hire had a solid game against the Hawks in Wollongong on Sunday night. He played just 12 minutes but had 8 points, 4 rebounds & 1 assist. Hire’s surprise play of late has pushed him up too 2nd best rookie  this year. I think he’s got a way to go before he catches Bose, and is very unlikely to over take him in the ROTY race. But Greg is proving to be a fan favorite in Perth & should have a solid 6 – 8 year career in the NBL.

Name: Chris Cedar
Team: Townsville Crocs
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #3
Last Week: #2
Chris’s play never really shows up on the box score but he is still the 3rd/2nd best rookie this year. Last week in a win against the Kings he picked up 3 points, 3 rebounds & 1 assist. Solid stats in just 14 minutes. I doubt Cedar will ever be a good starting guard in the NBL but could make a career being a steady back up.

Name: Everard Bartlett
Team: Free Agent (former Perth Wildcat)
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 4
Rookie Rank: #4
Last Week: #2
Bartlett has been put on the inactive list now that Damien Martin has returned from injury. This means he is officially a free agent. Adelaide just lost Nathan Crosswell…

Name: Mitch Norton
Team: Townsville Crocodiles
Position: Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #5
Last Week: #7
Northon got his first NBL game minutes last round, of course he didnt play heavy minutes in the win against the Sydney Kings. Norton played the final minute and a half, missed a 3point shot & picked up two quick fouls. Norton has a lot of upside but may not get to show it this year playing behind Cedar & Gill.

Name: Alex Gynes
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Guard/Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #6
Last Week: #5
Gynes was inactive for round 10.

Name: Martin Iti
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Center
Height: 7ft 0
Rookie Rank: #7
Last Week: #6
Iti didn’t get a chance to play in a game against the 36ers. He was DNP-CD. But Martin played a little over a minute in the loss against the Townsville Crocs. But did almost nothing, grabbing just 1 rebound.

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