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Rookie Report week 12


Name: Anatoly Bose
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #1
Last Week: #1
We are half way through the season and clearly Anatoly Bose is the best rookie this year. On the year he is averaging over 12ppg & 6rpg. Although he’s shooting from the field is pretty poor, expected for a rook.
Last round in a loss against the Crocs, Bose lead the team in scoring and assists with 18 points & 5 assists. He also had a solid night on the boards with 6 rebounds to go along with his 2 blocks and 1 steal.
I think even if Bose was injured in his next game and had to sit out the rest of the year, he should be a lock for ROY.

Name: Everard Bartlett
Team: Adelaide 36ers
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 4
Rookie Rank: #2
Last Week: #4
Bartlett was signed by the Adelaide 36ers due to injury to Nathan Croswell. Clarke said this about the rookie –  “He moves well, reads the game well and is very athletic”. Bartlett had a OK game in his 36er debut last week. Everard played 11 minutes picking up 3 rebounds, 4 points & 1 assist. Bartlett is expected to get around 10 – 15 minutes per game due to Adelaides injuries. But if Marty Clarke decides to play small ball with Warren & Bartlett, expect even more court time for the rook.

Name: Greg Hire
Team: Perth Wildcats
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #3
Last Week: #2
Greg slipped a little this week, but still played a solid role in the Wildcats win over the Breakers. Hire played 13 minutes and hit the boards, picking up 4 rebounds, 2 assists & 2 points. Now that Bartlett has found a new team I dont expect Hire to jump much higher than 3 on the rookie rankings. Decent rook, but unlikely to get ROY.

Name: Chris Cedar
Team: Townsville Crocs
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #4
Last Week: #3
Cedar played in limited minutes for the Crocs last week, again. But in just 7 minutes he managed to score 7 points, 1 assist & 1 rebound. It was expected that Ceder would see little court time whenever import point man Eddie Gill catches fire, like he did last round.
Cedar has had some flashes throughout the year, but it looks like he will only ever be a back up point guard in this league. At most a Rhys Martin level. Which is nothing to sneeze over.. It will keep you employed. Just don’t expect him to be leading any teams to the finals anytime soon, or ever.

Name: Mitch Norton
Team: Townsville Crocodiles
Position: Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #5
Last Week: #7
Norton has re-injured his foot. He is expected to return late in the season.

Name: Alex Gynes
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Guard/Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #6
Last Week: #5
Gynes didn’t get a chance to play in a game against the Crocs, DNP-CD

Name: Martin Iti
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Center
Height: 7ft 0
Rookie Rank: #7
Last Week: #6
Iti didn’t get a chance to play in a game against the Crocs, DNP-CD



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