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Joevan Catron interview


I got a chance to chat to one of the NBL’s most exciting players, Wollongong big man, Joevan “Duke” Catron.

The Hawks have been a little disappointing this year but one of their only stand outs has been the play of former Duck, Catron.
Despite coming off the bench, Joevan leads the team in scoring & is second on the team in rebounds per game.  If Gordie continues to have Catron play off the bench for the rest of the year, he will be a shoe in for sixth man of the year. Something i’m sure he would trade for a winning record any day. Apart from his flashy post moves (as seen below) and slick handles, Joevan is also known for having one of the best kick collection going around.. Rarely seen wearing the same shoe twice.

Joevan is averaging over 13 points per game to go with 5 rebounds per game.

Q: How you finding the league/Australia so far?
JC: It’s cool. Definitely a little different. But not bad.

Q: Did you know any Aussie basketballers before coming to Australia?
JC: Just Patty and Luke Schenscher.

Q: You still follow your Ducks?
JC: Yes, till I die lol.

Q: So do you stay in contact with any of your former team mates?
JC: Yeah I keep in touch with most..

Q: What NBA teams do you usually follow?
JC: Chicago Bulls or Lakers or OKC Thunder.

Q: So who you think is going take out the NBA championship this year?
JC: Bulls or heat. Not doubting Kobe though.

Q: The Hawks haven’t had much success this year, do you think you guys canstill make the playoffs?
JC: I’m disappointed in where we stand at the moment. But I think if we made a push over the next few weeks it would give us a chance to slide in the playoffs.

Q: Who is the hardest person you have had to guard in the NBL?
JC: I personally haven’thad a problem with anyone. But there are a few tough matchups in this league.

Q: You’re favorite to take out the sixth man of the year award this year, was this the role you were expecting when you came to Wollongong? Or did you expect to play starters minutes?
JC: I’ll Take the 6th man award if I’m blessed enoughto get it. But I expected to come to Wollongong and compete for a starting spot.It didn’t work out that way so, I try to contribute as much As I can off thebench. It’s been an adjustment coming from The University of Oregon last season.

Q: What’s your favorite Hawks memory so far?
JC: One that sticks out to me is Matt Campbell’s 500th bball game.

Q: Unlike most people, you get to see how good Showron Glover is during practice etc. How would describe his game to people that are not aware of him?
JC: He’s a good defender and quick, making it easy to get to the rim.

Q: Despite getting somewhat limited minutes, a lot of fans say you’re one ofthe most exciting players to watch.. Who do you try to emulate your game after?
JC: A combination of allot of guys. I try to watch the top players and takewhat they do and put my own flavor to it. Mix it all in a bowl and u get ME.

Q: You remind me a lot of Grizzles big man, Zach Randoph.. Do you get that a lot?
JC: Yeah they called me him a lot in college. I can def see that (laughs)

Q:  This is your first pro job, do the boys treat you like a rookie?
JC: They treat mewith respect as I do to them. They don’t really do the rookie vet thing. But I respect them for putting in the work to keep their club going over time.

Q: You’ve been in Wollongong now for almost six months, what’s your favorite thing to do in the ‘Gong?
JC: I like the beach. I take my petrol car down there prettyoften.

Q: Every game i see you in, you have a different pair of kicks. What’s your favorite pair.. if you can pick one that is..
JC: Yeah I stay fresh (laughs). My favorite pair is the Copper Nike Foamposites.

Joevan Catron is sponsored by Australia’s own Hardwood Sports. You can visit their site here:

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