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Rookie Report week 14


Name: Anatoly Bose
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #1
Last Week: #1
Bose had a solid game against the Gold Coast Blaze, as usual he did struggle a bit from the field, shooting just 33% and 60% from the free throw line. Lucky the team didn’t need his scoring so much this week. He did however pick it up in every other aspect of his game. Anatoly had a strong stat line of  12 points, 2 blocks, 3 steals, 3 assists & 3 rebounds.

Name: Everard Bartlett
Team: Adelaide 36ers
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 4
Rookie Rank: #2
Last Week: #2
Oh how a week can make all the difference. Bartlett couldn’t back it up this week against the Taipans. Although Bartlett is still holding his second place down, he was very lackluster against the Taipans. Shooting just twice, going 1/2 with 4 points. Everard also had 3 turnovers, 2 fould & 0 assists. The 36ers will need him to step it up if they have any chance at beating other teams benches.

Name: Chris Cedar
Team: Townsville Crocs
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #3
Last Week: #4
Cedar had one of the best games of his career against the Wollongong Hawks. Crocs import Eddie Gill struggled all night going 0/7. Cedar stepped up big time, leading his team in scoring with 15 points. Including going 56% from the field. Only alarming stat was Cedar had 0 assists & 5 turnovers. None the less, still perhaps the best game of his career so far. Now if only he could add in some play making!

Name: Greg Hire
Team: Perth Wildcats
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #4
Last Week: #3
Greg barely played in round 14. In just 3minutes 15 seconds he picked up 1 assist. It is expected that Hire will play more minutes but match ups did not favor him in round 13 against the Tigers.

Name: Alex Gynes
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Guard/Forward
Height: 6ft 6
Rookie Rank: #5
Last Week: #5
Alex received a little court time in round 14, he played just under 3 minutes and scored just 2 points. Gynes was playing some solid back up minutes at the start of the season, we are unsure as to why his minutes are now being limited to almost garbage time minutes.

Name: Martin Iti
Team: Sydney Kings
Position: Center
Height: 7ft 0
Rookie Rank: #6
Last Week: #6
Iti did not play in round 14

Name: Mitch Norton
Team: Townsville Crocodiles
Position: Guard
Height: 6ft 0
Rookie Rank: #7
Last Week: #7
Norton has re-injured his foot. He is expected to return late in the season..


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