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Ayinde Ubaka wants to stay in Wollongong


Ayinde Ubaka was fired by the Melbourne Tigers, now former CEO, mid way through this season. But he has found a home in Wollongong & told the Illawarra Mercury yesterday that he wants to stay in the ‘Gong next year:

Definitely. I love it here, It’s good. It’s a nice, small place. It kind of reminds me of Cairns, I had a great time in Cairns.
I was in a bigger city [Melbourne] this year and I prefer the smaller ones. It’s easier to get around and that’s how I like it. The gym is five minutes away, everything is five minutes away – Ayinde  Ubaka

The Hawks are 2-2 since Ubaka joined the club and look at knocking the Blaze out of fthe final 4 contention this weekend after they play them twice over the next three days.

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I'm sorry Ubaba, but I am a mega taipans fan. You say you love small cities, yet you left Cairns, you say it was easier to get around, yet you go to Melbourne, where nothing is quick to get to. Think about that