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NBL Finals TV Guide


There seems to be a lack of information about the broadcast times for the NBL grand final series, ONE & TEN have not updated their online TV guides (or haven’t changed them in every state), haven’t posted any times on their Facebook page and there is someone working for ONE (likely the work experience kid!.. Que the ONE jokes..) giving out the wrong information about telecasts.
So I called Ten Sport and finally got some answers.. It took that much effort to get broadcasting times! But here they are as below.


Game Location Date TV Time
Game 1 New Zealand 12th April 10:00 PM
Game 2 Perth 20th April 10:30 PM
Game 3* New Zealand 24th April 10:30 PM

* = If Necessary

All times are national times, so those in Perth, you will get the games at 10 – 10:30 WA time. Sorry..

As for any pirated live feeds, i’m sure there will be some. Keep an eye out on Twitter or Facebook for the links.

If you want to follow the updates via Twitter, follow @PerthWildcats and @NZBreakers


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HI all just rang TEN. They stated game starts 730pm perth time live, with a replay on Tuesday.
 Common Wildcats!!!

NZ Mike
NZ Mike

Hey thanks for the info Nat - great work!! Like many other NBL fans I've not been able to find details of coverage of any the final game so will just make sure I tune into One or Ten at 10.30pm tomorrow night. And sorry to say this but - GO THE BREAKERS!!