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NBL Not returning to Newcastle anytime soon


Before the 2011/12 NBL season began, there was so much talk around the league, and it would once again expand. Brisbane would re-enter the league, there would be a second Melbourne team & it looked like Newcastle would also re-join the NBL in the near future. But 6 months later, nothing..

The new Melbourne team was penciled in to play in the 2012/13 season, but in recent draft schedules, they have been left out. The NBL deadline passed & still no word. So it’s safe to say, after Sengstock suddenly stepped down as BA CEO, Richie Gee (head of BA marketing) also stepping down & changed draft schedules, that there will be no new Melbourne team in the 2012/13 season.

Brisbane? Also 100% out for the 2012/13 season, after word came out that basketball QLD are still a long way off getting all their heads together.

Newcastle? Also, out for the 2012/13 and likely for the next few years, at least.

When we contacted the Hunter Sporting Group late last year about their NBL bid, a representative said the chances of the NBL returning to Newcastle this side of 2014 were slim, and this was before the whole Jets fiasco.

The Hunter Group returned their A-League license last week and are now in a league battle with the league. Nathan Tinkler has told Brett Keeble that he has no interest in starting another team in another professional sporting league until his current legal battles with the A-League are resolved. Which in reality, could take years.

Troy Palmer the chief executive of the Hunter Sporting Group said this about the NBL returning to Newcastle:

We are mindful of the need to do this right and make our bid the best possible bid it can be, and the basketball community has been very supportive of that, not totally off the long-term agenda, but we have not even thought about the NBL for months, and nothing has changed since then

We are currently working through a range of issues regarding soccer and the Jets, and of course we are working through the day-to-day business of running the Knights, so the last thing we need right now is to jump into basketball – Troy Palmer

Nathan Tinkler has also made it known that he is not happy with the broadcast rights of the NBL, or the almost media blackout of the NBL (not including Perth, NZ, Wollongong & Cairns, who do a great job!). He has also privately complained about the NBL/BA almost ignoring Newcastle’s bid to return to the league, favoring the Melbourne and Brisbane bids over Newcastle’s.

So what started off as a promising year for the NBL has failed to meet expectations, but before NBL fans start crying.. I for one, am glad that the league hasn’t rushed into any decisions with expansion. The last thing the league needs is another team to ad to the already long list of defunct teams.. Which by the way, the current count is 32. Thirty two!!


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Clinton C-Dogg Gardiner
Clinton C-Dogg Gardiner

Ive told many of you b4, many a time, if the current people that are running Newcastle Basketball have ANYTHING to do with a Newcastle Falcons or NBL return, they never will return ever.