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Tragardh & Dillon released by the Tigers, Cam a Hawk? Dillon a 36er?


As expected, the Tigers announced today that Cam Tragardh and Daniel Dillon have both been released. The Tigers posted this on Facebook tonight:

The Melbourne Tigers confirm that players Daniel Dillon and Cameron Tragardh have been released from their playing contract for the upcoming 2012/13 iiNet NBL Championship Season.

Melbourne Tigers Director of Basketball Chris Anstey confirmed that Dillon & Tragardh’s agent approached the club seeking a release, which the club has approved.

As we said on our rumors page, team sources and other players have told ATF  that Cam’s #1 destination is without a doubt – Wollongong. But can the Hawks afford him? That’s the question yet to be answered. The Breakers have also wanted to get Trigger if Gary Wilkinson doesn’t return. But it’s highly unlikely Cam will want another 6th man role, which is what the Breakers will be offering. Sydney is another option depending on what happens with Julian Khazzouh.

Daniel Dillon’s agent has already been in contact with the 36ers. If team management can strike up a deal soon, expect Dillon to be a 36er next year.

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