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On this day [May 25th 1984] – Al Green 71 points


On this day 28 year ago, Al Green scored 71 points in a loss against the Frankston Bears 153 to 125.

Green threw in 5 assists and 5 rebounds during the game. He went 25/41 from the field, 4/12 from 3 and 17/22 from the free throw line on his way to the highest scoring game of NBL history.. A record that will never be broken!

And yes you read that correctly, he scored 71 points in a loss! The Bears had Mark Gaze (Andrew Gaze’s cousin) who scored 43 points whilst shooting at 59%. Wayne Burden who scored 42 points. Tom Flavin went off for 27 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks. Chuck Rose, not to be out done scored 29 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists.. The Bearcats meanwhile had Green and.. well not much else. Ray Wood and Peter Ali are the only real players of note from that team.

To put into perspective on how much the game has changed these days.. Green’s 71 point game out scored 55 teams for the 2011-12 season!



The free throw percentage Green shot for the game (17/22)


The number of shot attempts for Green.


The field goal percentage Green shot for the game.


The number of assists & rebounds for Al.


Is what Green averaged for 1984.


Where Green sits on the list of most points scored in a game.


The number of 40+ point games Green had for 1984.


The number of points per game Green averaged for may 1984


The number of 40+ point games Al had in his career.

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