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Sean Walsh’s 10 Quick Question with James Mitchell


James Mitchell is a born and bred North Queensland boy. Growing up in Redlynch in Cairns James has come through the ranks in Cairns Basketball and is now looking forward to a long career in the NBL. He is currenly playing for the Cairns Marlins in the QBL. Here’s what James has to say.

1. What is your goal for the year ahead?
Just get better , I have to get better every week, that means all areas of my game but in particular my shooting and my poise and patience.

2. Why did u take up basketball as a kid
I used to play soccer for the Redlynch Cyclones in U6 & U7 and was pretty good but my sister started playing basketball and Mum bribed me to switch for $20 which was alot to a kid that age haha.

3. Who were your childhood heroes
Childhood heroes would have to be my parents, Ben Arkell (former Taipan) and Lebron James

4. Who’s the best player you’ve played with
Jamar Wilson for sure, he’s SO good! I always wonder how he’s never played in the NBA but I think it’s alot about opportunities and he’s probably just never got his break but I believe he’s easily good enough.

5. Any superstitions?
Nah not really, just routine I guess

6. What’s your favorite game console
It’d have to be XBOX but I really love the DS with alot of the kids games on it and i’ve got a wii aswell with some Mario and Pokemon games. Can’t beat NBA 2K though for me.

7. Ford or Holden
Not really a rev head or a hoon but I’ve always preferred Ford because they were the underdogs when I was young but I prefer the look of the new Holdens.

8. What are the Taipans aiming for the 2012/13 season
To win it all. that’s always a team’s goal and it’s very realistic for us. The last couple of years we’ve been right there, last year a few injuries didn’t help but now with a fair bit of the core from last year and the addition of Cam Tragardh who will be a legitimate MVP contender again, Cam Gliddon and Clint Steindl we have a massive chance of winning it all, something we should all be excited for.

9. What’s your prized possession
My prized possession is definitely my teddy bear Tessa my parents got me as one of my Christmas presents in 2002 the year they were killed. I’m so lucky I’ve got that as a tangible reminder of them forever.

10. Can u dunk?
Yeah I can dunk . But only off one foot, i really need some two foot bounce.


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