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Melbourne Tigers set to make announcement


The Melbourne Tigers are close to announcing some player signings this week. A source has told ATF that either Thursday or Friday the Tigers will be announcing two player signings as well as news on their plans to move some games for the 2012-13 season to the much larger Hisense arena.

Some rumored players include: Nate Tomlinson, Kevin Brasswell, Daniel Kickert, Corey Williams or even Gary Wilkinson.

Wilkinson seem a long shot at this point, especially because Wilkinson has been linked to the Kings over the past week. But Corey Williams is in town for the 3 on 3 competition and has made it known how much he would like to return to the league, so I wouldn’t rule anything out at the moment.

Nate Tomlinson is the hot favorite so far after he could not secure a signing with the Cairns Taipans. Kevin Brasswell also worked out with the Tigers last year but the team did have injury concerns, this also stopped him from securing a contract with the Hawks last year. But Kevin said he is 100% and ready to play.

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Tomlinson! He's been around Melbourne for a few weeks..