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1998-99 Townsville Crocs stories


Decided to scan some more stories and images from some old basketball newspapers I have sitting around. This is all Townsville Crocs from the 1998-99 season.

That season the Crocs just missed out on the playoffs going 12-14 on the season, finishing 7th (playoffs were made of the top 6 teams). The team was lead by new signings Rob Rose & Sam Mackinnon. As well as Simon Kerle & Andrew Goodwin.

A little unknown and overlooked fact from that season is that Rob Rose came 1 steal shy of a quadruple double on January 30th 1999 against the Victoria Titans. Rose recorded a stat line of 25 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds and 9 steals whilst playing all but 28 seconds of the game!

That season Rose was a workhorse for Townsville, in 11 of 26 games he played the full 48 minutes each game! The least court time Rose saw that season? I lowly 43 minutes against the Canberra Cannons in December 1998.

These stories are taken from Pro Basketball Today. Click on the images to enlarge and read them



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