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Fan Feedback: NBL Leading Rebounder


With a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming NBL season, I felt it was time to get some fan feedback. Our first focus will be on one of basketball’s sometimes under-appreciated yet essential skills, rebounding.

I put forth the following question and encouraged the hoops community to share their collective knowledge.

Here are the overall results and a sample of tweets:-

The overall results looked like this:-

  • AJ Ogilvy – 30.7%
  • Alex Pledger – 23.0%
  • Brian Conklin – 7.6%
  • Scott Morrison – 7.6%
  • Not a Wollongong Hawks player – 7.6%
  • Anthony Petrie – 7.6%
  • Cam Tragardh – 7.6%
  • Lucas Walker – 7.6%

If nothing else, this small survey will fire up the Wollongong Hawks as one punter actually claimed none of their roster can make a run at this.

As for my take, I’d suggest AJ Ogilvy is a great chance followed closely by Cam Tragardh who as we spoke to recently, is putting a lot more emphasis on his rebounding this season.

There you have it, do you agree or disagree with the hoops fans shown here? We’ll be covering off some more predictions soon, so don’t forget to send us your opinion using the hash tag #ATF.

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Geoffrey Scott
Geoffrey Scott

Cam Trigger Tragardh - fitter, stronger than ever before. Check his preseason stats.

Matt Brokenbrough
Matt Brokenbrough

I some how think Julian Khazzough will even though he hasn't returned to the NBL yet.

Sinnèr Vengèance
Sinnèr Vengèance

I'd have to go with Brian Conklin if he can stay healthy for the season..don't underestimate Jacob Holmes though..

Matt Brokenbrough
Matt Brokenbrough

When it comes to a team, definitely not the hawks. Haven't got a Centre and havent for years. They've been last in rebounding and they wonder why. Gordie is one of the best coaches in league but seriously, he needs a centre. Davidson is a PF.

Cody Pound
Cody Pound

Daniel Johnson or Tom Jervis is Matt Knight stays broken. Actually, Scott Morrison on preseason form looks good

Jason Conn
Jason Conn

Brian Conklin or Jacob Holmes. They will be monsters under the basket this season.