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Balls Draws, Everyone Benefits


“Batman and his sick J’s.”

Adam Ballinger of the Melbourne Tigers is a pretty talented dude. While it’s safe to say that NBL fans are aware of his basketball skill level, what they may not realise is that “Balls”, as he is affectionately known, is also a sensational artist.

From what I’ve seen so far the subject matter often hovers around basketball, as you’d expect. This is not always the case however but no matter the subject, the results are always QUALITY.

Here’s another sample:


Caption: 1985 Teen Wolf rookie card. Ultra rare.

I asked the big fella a few questions about both the history and future of his artwork, as well as a couple of additional basketball questions because, well we are a basketball website.

Hendo: When do you find the time to put these works of art together?

Balls: Finding time to sit down and draw isn’t easy. Basketball takes up a lot of time now, more than any 9 to 5 job would. The hardest thing is to find time around the kids.  I have got three wonderfully exhausting young kids that Bianca (wife) and I chase after all day long.  I have a desk set up and when I get an extra fifteen minutes I’ll sit down and draw, I’ll do some at the end of the night before bed and I also carry around a sketch book at all times.

H: What got you into drawing, originally?

B: My mom is an artist and was very encouraging of anything creative growing up.  I have always loved to draw but just mostly did it in my notebooks when I as supposed to be paying attention in class. In college I discovered graffiti and street art and then moved onto “low brow” illustration and comic art.

H: Do you have a favourite subject (apart from hoops) to draw?

B: The subjects I like to draw other than basketball are luchadores, coffee cups, skulls, funny looking guys, weird looking redneck dudes, shoes, empty beer cans, logos, lettering, skateboards, superheroes, tattoos, 90’s icons, star wars, facial hair, rockstars….. among other things.

H: What percentage of Chris Goulding’s day-to-day behavior is the “GOLF” cartoon strip depicting?


Image via:

B: The golf strip is pretty much Chris at all times. He might be quiet for a couple minutes but that just means he will have to even that out with screaming and jumping around in the next minute.

H: Do you have any other pieces in production that take the piss out of any of your other teammates?

B: I don’t have any other things going about teammates right now but I have a lot of ideas. There is just not enough time in the day.

H: How are you and the lads feeling at this stage of the season? And do you feel you’re in a good position to strike come playoff time?

B: We feel we are in a great position right now. We realize that there are two sides to our team. One where we are great and another that is just ok. We are really concentrating on not having those lapses.

Thanks heaps to Mr Ballinger for taking some time to answer my questions. Be sure to follow Ballinger’s art movement here on his Tumblr site.

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Also… stay tuned as we’re working on a sensational fan-interaction piece coming up in the off-season involving Mr Ballinger and YOU, the fans.

It looks like it could be a great one, so stay close to for more details.

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Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson

Interesting. I wasn't aware it had been posted on Downtown until you brought it up. I referenced Ballinger's Tumblr site though, which is the original source of the imagery.

Illan Samuel
Illan Samuel

Still a repost of the drawings, I'm no journalist, but when something is first posted elsewhere, either in part or full, you normally reference it... esp when some content is unchanged. I guess people who had already seen it like myself closed your article pretty quickly.

Paul Cockrem
Paul Cockrem

Love it! Had a though, how about a Adam Ballinger charity for testicular cancer? People donate and go into the draw to win dinner with the great man. We can call it: "Balls Out For The Boys"..... *badooom ching* I'll be here all week......

Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson

Ballinger writes for Downtown and posted his Goulding art. I don't remember him asking himself any questions though. ;)

Illan Samuel
Illan Samuel

Wasn't this on Downtown earlier this month?