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Fan Feedback: NBL MVP


This week the NBL’s 2013-14 regular season came to an end and we decided to ask ATF fans the age old question that gets asked this time every year – Who is this season’s NBL MVP?

Realistically this season has been a 3 player race for MVP. Chris “Fiddy Cent” Goulding, James “The Menace” Ennis and Rotnei “Little Gordie” Clarke. Any of these players could take out the award this season and you won’t hear too much of an outcry from fans or players.

This season’s player polls were released last week and the players voted James Ennis as the league’s MVP, interestingly the fans didn’t agree with the players and Ennis slipped down to 3rd on the the ATF fan poll:

1. Chris Goulding – 37%
2. Rotnei Clarke – 31%
3. James Ennis – 20%
4. Damian Martin – 11%
5. James Ennis – 1%



Chris Goulding dropped 50 points against the Sydney Kings a few weeks ago, the first 50 point game in the NBL since 2008. Goulding scored 29 points or more 8 times this season, something the NBL hasn’t seen since the 48 minute era. Apart from leading the league in scoring at 23 points per game, Goulding also led his team to 3rd on the NBL ladder and back into the playoffs for the first time since the days when Chris Anstey played for the club.

Goulding could also take out the league’s most improved player award this season:






















Interestingly.. Damian Martin managed to snag a respectable 11% of fan votes. Not bad for a guy who “only” averages 7.7 points per game this season, eh?

Image by Brodie Butler

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The Wildcats without Ennis make the playoffs, the Tigers without Goulding probably finish last. Goulding for MVP.

Cody Pound
Cody Pound

I think that people have lost sight of what the Most Valuable Player actually is. I would say the MVP is that one guy who makes the team the best it can be. Maybe they don't put up huge points, but there are a lot of players who do things that don't show up on the stat sheet which change the shape of a game. For that reason I'd say Martin or Clarke, but you need to be looking at guys like Vukona, Gibson as well. The difference those guys make can't be measured purely in stats, and that's why they're so valuable

Graeme Reeves
Graeme Reeves

Ennis has been the most exciting player in the league this season and should win the MVP but I think Clarke has been the standout player in the league this season. The Hawks are not a star studded line up like the Wildcats or the Sixers and for the Hawks to have come from the bottom of the ladder and into the playoffs can be put down to Rotnie Clarke. He has at times this season put the Hawks on his back and just been phenomenal. By the way, I'm a Wildcats fan and have been since day one....