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Where Are They Now? Scott Fisher


For the newest ‘Where are they now’ we tracked down former Giants and Wildcats bigman, Scott Fisher.

Fisher came to Australia in 1987 as an import with the North Melbourne Giants, winning league MVP in 1989 and in 1992. He also won Finals MVP in 1989 as well as winning his first championship in the same season.

He left Melbourne in 1993 to join Andrew Vlahov, Ricky Grace, James Crawford and the Perth Wildcats to form one of the best starting 5’s of the 90s. Fisher would go on to win 2 more championships. One in 1995 and again in 2000 before retiring in 2003.

We caught up with Fish’ to see what he’s been up to since leaving the NBL.

After your playing days were done you started coaching the Perth Wildcats until 2008, do you remember the reason why you left the ‘Cats job?

SF: I left Perth more as a family “adventure” than anything else. It was a bit more complicated but that was the gist of it.

What have you done since leaving Australia?

SF: After leaving Perth I didn’t do much for about 18 months. I took a job in sales. It was interesting for the first six months, I was top five in the company a couple of months but I was growing bored. I started looking at university basketball jobs. I noticed Hawaii had just hired a new coach. I was friends with somebody who knew him so my friend arranged an interview at the Final Four in 2010. I was offered the job about six weeks later.

You had an Australian player on your roster (Michael Harper), with all the recent hype around Australian basketball prospects, are you guys really looking at Australia now for possible talent?

SF: We had Michael Harper as a walk on for two seasons he has since transferred to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver,BC.

We lightly recruited a number of Aussies but the Head Coach never really got behind my recommendations.

The Head Coach is being investigated by the NCAA for rules infractions so I have taken the head Coaching position at Ohlone College in my hometown of Fremont CA. It’s a non scholarship Two year school. We will have three Aussies this upcoming season. Marcus Holmquist-Pollock from Brisbane. Jesse Wilesmith from the ACT and Elliott Warren from Launceston.

Do you stay in contact with any of your former team mates from your time in the NBL?

SF: I recently spoke with Bruce Palmer and Alan Westover. I do stay in touch with a bunch of my former teammates. Scott Delzoppo, Paul Maley, David Graham, Adam Capirn and Marty Clarke to name a few.

Do you still follow what’s happening with the NBL at all?

SF: I’m so busy these days it’s hard to keep up on the NBL. But there’s still guys playing that I coached and I like to have some idea with what’s going on.

You and Andrew Vlahov formed one of the best front courts ever in the NBL, what’s your most fondest memory of those days?

SF: Those Perth days were fun. Andrew and I had a similar demeanor on the court, so we would often target some opponent we were going to “get into”.We were pretty successful intimidating the the young and the weak. We had some great laughs too both on and off the court. We even had the occasional beer.

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I always have wondered if he will attend Perth Wildcats functions but he missed the 30 year anniversary but maybe he could return for 1995 championship reunion?

Nick Metallinos
Nick Metallinos

Fisher is actually the reason why I wore/wear No. 30 to this day. As a Giants season ticket holder back in the days I was so shattered when he left.