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Import Power Rankings

Scottie Wilbekin

First round down and we’ve had a chance to see all the imports in action, so it’s time for us to do our weekly ranking from 1 through to 16.

On The Rise: Scottie Wilbekin. The coach killer.
Over Hyped: Stephen Dennis. Is he real? 29 games down & 0 played.

1 Scottie Wilbekin Averaged a massive 25ppg, 4.5apg, 4.0rpg, 1spg whilst shooting the ball at over 62%. Taipans started the season on the road and still went 2-0 thanks to the ‘coach killer’. He looked unstopable against Melbourne, if he can keep it up will be a top 3 MVP candidate.
2 Josh Childress Without Childress the Kings looked a mess against the Hawks. Childress filled the stat sheet with 26 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. He is going to need to average this for the season if the Kings are to have any chance at a top 4 finish.
3 Cedric Jackson Action Jackson is back and so are the Breakers! It looks like he hasn’t lost a step, if anything he’s gained some (an outside shot!). Ced did his usual thing, 22 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists & shot the ball at 72%. Impressive! He’s already in MVP form.
4 Brian Conklin King Conk/Big Country was the Crocs only consistent player in round 1. Averaged 19ppg and 7.5 rpg for round 1, expect these sorts of numbers all season long for Conklin. The Crocs are going to need every little bit of it and more as well.
5 Deandre Daniels Daniels first half against New Zealand was very average to say the least. However he did come alive in the 2nd half and pulled the ‘Cats back into the game late. Don’t expect another James Ennis here but still a solid player that could light it up on any night.
6 Gary Ervin G$ dropped 22 and 7 against the Crocs but wasn’t as effective the next night against the Kings. Still 19ppg, 5apg and 2rpg for round 1 is pretty good. Can he be consistent enough this season to push him into the top 5 & the Hawks into the top 4?
7 Jamar Wilson Wilson almost made his former team pay on Friday night with an impressive 22 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds. He backed it up with a solid performance against the Crocs & helped the 36ers to their first win of the season. Will they get many more wins but?
8 Jahii Carson Carson showed he can play when it comes down to the crunch. He can also get to the rim at will, expect him to be near the top in free throws per game this season. But shooting at just 60% from the line is a concern for the Hawks. Can be a top 5 player if he’s on.
9 Jordan McRae McRae struggled in his NBL debut, although he put up 17 points he shot the ball at just 29% from the field. He jacked up 8 threes against the Taipans and looked like he was trying to do too much, but give the Taipans credit for their defence as well.
10 Mickell Gladness Gladness was MVP of the Blitz but struggled from the field in his first 2 NBL games, going 8/24 from the field. Expect Gladness to average close to a double double this season though. 8.5ppg, 9rpg and 2bpg is still pretty good. Crocs need more though.
11 Ekene Ibekwe Ekene did what he was meant to do. Change shots inside, grab rebounds and hit high percentage shots around the rim. 10 points, 6 rebounds, 1 block and 1 steal in 29 minutes. He also went 5/6 from the field. Easy to do when Jackson is your point guard..
12 Torrey Craig After a stellar performance against the 36ers on Friday night, Craig went M.I.A against Melbourne United. Obviously consistency will be an issue for Craig, however he has shown he can step it up when called on.
13 Jermaine Beal A very disappointing shooting display for Beal against the Breakers on Friday night. Former finals MVP went just 2/17 from the field for 12 points, 5 assists and 2 rebounds. I wouldn’t worry too much though, Beal should be back to himself in no time.
14 Daequon Montreal Montreal showed he can play in the NBL in his first two games, although ranks low on our rankings he is definitely a legit NBL player. 16 points and 6 rebounds against Townsville’s front court is impressive. Will he stay though? History has shown us.. unlikely.
15 Kendrick Perry The most unimpressive import of the round would be Sydney Kings import Kendrick Perry. 2/9 from the field, 4 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists. OK for a role player, not from your import. Kings will need him to step it up or he could be a former import soon.
16 Stephen Dennis Dennis COULD be a legit MVP level player in this league if he ever played. 29 regular season games on and he’s yet to suit up. Rumour is he’ll play this week, but that’s what we were told last week as well..
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