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Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now? Scott Fisher

For the newest ‘Where are they now’ we tracked down former Giants and Wildcats bigman, Scott Fisher. Fisher came...


Kirk looks so fragile running up and down the court #hardball

Nice crowd at the WEC.. better than Thur. Hope we can get some free cheeseburgers, because im poor as today! #hardball

Sometimes I wish Nate Jawai would just destroy the rim. Dunks always so softly 😑 #hardball

MY mates r fighters and @adamgibson_1 is a true leader and its a honor 2 play alone side him. I need my teammates to do what I do. Brothers Retweeted by

Jervis easily the biggest positive. Here's the wrap, incl. what Trevor Gleeson had to say re his starters: #hardball Retweeted by

Lol @Andthefoulnet they ask coach gleeson if there is much of a crossover between afl and nbl? ask hugh greenwood...... Retweeted by

NBL refs have to stop calling that a charge. Encouraging more flopping than a high jump contest. #HardBall Retweeted by

@Andthefoulnet @mattoftheridge #WhenAHeroComesAlong i could be taking the piss out of myself but i dont really care Retweeted by

Townsville crocs

2013-14 NBL Quiz

So you think you know everything that happened during the 2013-14 NBL season? Think you remember all the stats...


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